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Essential Flange Pillows

Available in 6 colors our Essential Flange Pillows measure 9"x9" with an opening of approximately 4 1/8" they are ready to insert finished stitching under the flaps of the pillow.  

First color indicates background, second color indicates polka dot color:

EF01:  Pink-White

EF02: Aqua-White
EF03:  Red-White
EF04: Orange-White
EF06: Dk Orange-Multi dot

We used the EF03 Red-White, EF01 Pink white and EF02 Aqua-White to finish our Sweet Sentiments.

This size is also perfect for many other popular cross-stitch designs.
 Fits stitch size on 16/32 ct of 60 W x 60 H
Fits stitch size on 14/28 ct of 52 W x 52 H